Sunflower Bakery does not deserve your business!

Houston, Texas 0 comments

After waiting an extended amount of time to be seated and get our food, our food was cold.My partner complained and the waitress took her plate, microwaved it and brought it back, telling her it was new.

We had to ask twice for the manager. When he came, he was rude and defensive. He acted like we were too much trouble for him to bother with. When my partner said that she didn't want anything else to eat to replace the cold food, the Manager took MY food from in front of me and asked us to leave.

I was in the process of taking a ***! I could not believe the nerve!

This business does not deserve our hard earned money. Eating out is disposed income. You only walk away with your experience.

My experience was a first.Never have I been treated in such a manner.


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